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Hello, my name is Wyatt Branch, founder of Haxx | Marketing. I have forever been curious about what makes a brand so influential in a world full of saturated markets. What makes them stand out? Why do people think of them whenever they are searching for a desired product or service?

As you have previously read, it is their overall presence that creates that exclusivity. They know how to reach out to their desired target market, and they essentially persuade them via google, social media, and linked in.

I started Haxx Marketing as a college student striving to make ends meet. I didn't realize then that lead generation alone is the key to creating and scaling a successful business like yours, but it was my ticket to having the job I always dreamed of. I have made it my mission to find clients that are serious about growing their business and have a desire to elevate their online presence. I want to work with you, and am willing to put in the time to find your customers so you don't have to. I am not motivated by money alone, but rather in the creative process of building a successful strategic marketing plan to enhance the way you can find those customers out there that are looking for a service, but they rely on google to tell them whom to pick. 

We want you to feel comfortable with us and look forward to building a lasting relationship outside the business as well. Life is all about who you know, the rest is just details. We love those we work with and will treat them as a member of the Haxx family. We look forward to doing business with you! 

If you have any questions and are interested in how Haxx Marketing can elevate your presence, feel free to contact us below or click on our live chat located on the bottom right hand of the screen!

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Wyatt Branch

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  • Dixie State University Marketing Certification

  • Dixie State University Business Admin Graduate

  • Dixie State University Marketing Graduate

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship Educated (DSU)

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